What is Haunted Dollhouse?

Haunted Dollhouse is the multi-media project of Lauren Takase (that's me, tehee). I later discovered, long after coming up with the name, that there is indeed a short story from 1923 called "The Haunted Doll's House" by author M. R. James. (It really is a lovely and spooky short story, I do recommend reading it.)

About The Creator

My name is Lauren Takase. I'm American, living in Japan. I create things and this website is my outlet.

Favorite Things

Retro electronics, old video games, secondhand stores, dolls, small record shops, flea markets, etc.


Music, clothing, accessories, anything, I suppose...?


Guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals

I use Linux Peppermint OS and open-source software for all projects.

The internet needs more homemade websites, try making your own! I am using neocities. Let's make the internet fun again.

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